Gray Thoughts

It is raining and my thoughts wander as they often do at times like this, to friends in other places around the world. Places I have been and places I have not yet been but would love to visit. Through the magic of the internet I have aquaintances all over. I would prefer to say friends, however that seems somewhat presumptuous. Some of you are without a doubt friends, and I know we would be as dear as true family were we to ever meet in person! Your writing I cherish, and your thoughts and words are precious treasures to me, to be cherished and turned over and over in my thoughts, helping me on this path of life. If we could meet and have coffee or a lovely bite to eat and indulge ourselves with an afternoon of friendly conversation – what a moment to have, hold, and keep forever that would be!

So instead I will listen to the pitter-pat of raindrops on my roof tonight and dream of you, dear friend. I am wishing you well. You know who you are. May you be blessed with your own sweet dreams and pleasant thoughts as you go about your everyday life. Master will be off from work this week and though the week will be full of appointments, chores, and errands to run, perhaps we will find time to share each other’s company and renew our special bond. LOVE is my message tonight, dear ones.