Water is precious


We (Master, our daughter and I) are going away tomorrow for 5 days to visit my mother-in-law. She just turned 95! She lives in Sunnyvale, a suburb or small town near San Jose, California. Which is about an hour south of San Francisco. For those of you unaware, California has been in a major drought for several years. I have two older brothers living in southern California in the greater Los Angeles area and it has been very bad there. No one is supposed to water their lawns any longer unless they use so-called gray water which is recycled from the rinse cycle of the washing machine or dishwasher. Many years ago my father (who was a district manager for the American Red Cross and thus very concerned with conservation and disaster preparedness) rigged up such a gray water system for our home when we lived in southern California.

Here in Texas we go from year to year having wet or dry years. Some years the local lakes (all man-made; east Texas has but one natural lake) have receded several feet and other years they are overflowing their banks. You simply never know what to expect.This year started out with a lovely cool wet spring but has turned into a very hot summer with no relief in sight.

I have many potted plants and baskets of flowering plants which need water every afternoon/evening. I worry with even just five days away, I will come home to so many dead and dying things in my pretty garden. There is no way to hydrate them even with our automatic pop-up sprinkler system. My own 90 year-old mother is no longer able to drop by and water all the plants daily. And we are not close to our neighbors…

I worry. And I will be thinking of watering my plants.


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