The Secret to Life


This holiday season I need no gift other than the secret to life as told by Fannie Flagg in Fried Green Tomatoes: Friends. Best friends.

I’m so grateful to those who read my blog and particularly a few of you whom I’d love to visit and share a couple of precious hours chatting over a warm drink. You see, kindred spirits know no boundary and recognize each other even sight unseen through the miracle of the internet. I know we would laugh together and no doubt cry as well, talking about life and the path it has led us down. The partners we have been with, our children, aging parents, family drama… and our path of self-realization. It strikes me I could talk openly with some of you and discuss things I haven’t told anyone else. I know you would accept and not judge me. I know too, you would offer words of wisdom and advice. As I would do for you! I love you all, and wish all of you happy, peaceful, healthy, prosperous times ahead. Oh, and may there be loads of fun involved!! xxxxx