Heads or Tails


Recently Master presented me with this absolutely beautiful long tail which attaches to a new butt plug. (Master loves all things anal…)

The tail is real fox and is sumptuously thick and feels amazing when I walk, brushing against the back of my legs. Master made me wear it as I cleaned house yesterday, and was quite pleased (and aroused.)

“It’s all about control, baby…”

Sinful Sunday

Four Years is a Long Time

So, the depressing reality is beginning to set in for me as well as millions of Americans. We  (well not me personally because I didn’t vote for him, but the collective “we”) have elected a monster. I haven’t slept well in weeks. I find myself unable to listen to or watch the news. Each new day brings more mandates and laws the monster is either enacting, repealing, or changing to his liking. Soon we will have a new Supreme Court Justice who will help change the course of the way many major laws are enacted for many years, possibly for a generation. My husband (a physician) is worried we may not be able to get medical insurance if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

Many of the positive things President Obama struggled to do over the past eight years are already in the process of being undone or changed – for the worse. Our new President based his campaign on lies, and still insists millions of illegal votes prevented him from winning the popular vote. Uh… who cares?  He insists more people attended his inauguration than any other (clearly a lie) and also there were millions more there than at the Women’s March the following day, even though photographs show this is not true. He says the media is distorting the truth. He wants us to listen to him, and him alone, and to only trust his word. Sounds rather like a dictator to me! I applaud CNN, who said they would not attend the press conferences at the White House as long as Sean Spicer, the WH Press Secretary continues to lie.

Now tell me, how many more days until the campaigning begins to elect a new President in 2020?

Good (kinky) Fortune


Okay, I don’t like fortune cookies. I should say I really don’t care for the cookies the fortunes come in. Once I went to a restaurant where the cookies were dipped in chocolate on one end, so those were at least edible. Usually the cookies are basically little better than stale cardboard, if you can imagine such a thing. Sir likes them. I used to nibble on the almond cookies way back when Chinese restaurants used to offer those delightful pale gold, round moon-shaped morsels of delight after your meal, but those days are long gone. Interestingly, I never paid too much attention to the inane “fortunes” inside until I was diagnosed with cancer. And then… (insert theatrical pause) the next several I got were all very pertinent and gave me pause to think. It was as if someone was making sure I got those particular cookies. They had fortunes such as “Stop worrying. Everything will be fine.” Then the next one perhaps was: “Your future looks very bright.” And then, maybe a few weeks later, “You will live to a ripe old age.”

Normally, one wouldn’t give such notions a second glance, but with a life-threatening diagnosis looming large, and a small child to raise, when the fortunes kept coming my way, it was mildly reassuring. The funny thing is, I’ve never received any such prophetic fortunes before or since. Usually we get “You may soon take a long trip” or “A pleasant experience is coming your way” or “”You are blessed with great happiness, love, and wealth.” Master has often opened cookies and pulled out “All your hard work will soon pay off” or some such.

What do you think of this one I got the other night?


It certainly brought a big smile to my face! Hope you are all smiling today too.


New Year, New Toys!


I’ve been absolutely crazy busy since start of December. As some of you know, we plan to move later in the year, back “home” to SoCal from east Texas. It will be a huge move. My 91 year old mother must move as well. She moved from Cali to be here with us when our girl was quite young, after my father passed, and I was diagnosed with cancer. It’s been lovely having her here only ten minutes away and visiting whenever the notion struck either of us. She still drives and is quite the independent woman considering her age. However, as much as she hates the idea of yet another move, she must return with us. She and I recently flew back to be with my two older brothers for a few days to search for a place for her to live. She refuses to live with any of us! She also doesn’t wish to buy another home or rent an apartment where she’ll live completely alone.

My brothers found an independent-living senior center quite near where they both live. She liked it, and it appears she’ll be moving there early this spring, before we move in the summer. Now we are scrambling deciding what she will take, as it’s a small two bedroom unit. She’ll have all meals prepared for her, and light housekeeping as well. As a bonus, she was very lucky in that a prime unit with a patio and small yard became available while we were visiting. So the transition will be easier because she will have very much her own “space.” I’m praying all goes well and she will be happy and make friends there.

Once she’s settled, this will be a big relief for me. I adore my mom; we are not just mother and daughter, but best friends as well. It has grown difficult watching her age, and becoming a bit of a caregiver for her and needing to call every day and be sure she is feeling well and has all she needs, because my brothers live 1500 miles away. I will still do this, but she will be where there is excellent paid staff and she will have a pull cord by her bed and in the bathrooms. Help is just down the hall if needed, and my brothers are 10 and 15 minutes from her. (We will be an hour away.) I know this will be a feeling of relief and satisfaction that she is not living completely alone.

Regarding the title of this post – oh yes, Master did buy me two new toys to start the year out in the way He (we) likes! As you see, the first is a beautiful, very large, heavy metal butt plug with a beautiful purple jewel! As for the second toy, knowing that Sir really has a fixation on all things ass-related, can you guess what it might be?

Sir has bought me my very own tail!!!! We have not played with it yet. I will keep you posted!