Let’s be perfectly clear


After play I clean our toys. This is one of our favorites for many reasons. It’s long in length and wide in diameter. It stays in place. It’s easily cleaned. The Dominator enjoys it because it keeps me in my place, gives Him a lovely feeling of control while inserting it, and makes me very happy! He really enjoys the tight feeling of fucking with this inside me.  I tend to have quite a few impressive orgasms with this. Clearly, it’s perfect.

Sinful Sunday



I’m kinky, true. Submissive, true. I’m also modest about my body. Right now I’m heavier than I like. Even when not overweight I’m always unhappy with my large saggy breasts and belly with the flap from my c-section. I don’t like to show my body in public or to strangers. I wish I felt differently! So, here is a reflection of me in the clear glass door of our shower. What do you see? Can you even see anything?

Sinful Sunday